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Catching Wind Power Inc. Wind Turbine's "Inner Disbursement Cone" squeezes the wind generating more energ

We Support Our Veterans

Welcome to Catching Wind Power Inc. ®

My name is Raymond Green, retired Veteran.

I have invented, patented and developed working prototypes of my lightweight and inexpensive wind turbine. Our prototype weighs 45 lbs, the turbine is 12 in. in diameter and the wind sock opening is 31 inches in diameter. This unit can be manufactured in sizes from personal use portables to massive units that can be erected as wind farms.

My turbine is bird and bat friendly. Traditional three blade turbines knock the birds out of the sky because the birds can not see the massive, spinning, blades that turn between 80mph and 190mph, therefore hitting them and knocking them to the ground, killing them. Our design does not have any external moving parts to hit the birds. Our unit is easy to see so the birds can avoid it, and all moving parts are internal. The blades are mounted behind the windsock and inner compression cone, therefore making them nonaccessible to birds. Also, our turbines make virutally no noise. The blades are internal, closer together and smaller therefore eliminating the sound traditional blades make as they spin and swoop past the tower making the wooping sound that is so irritating to people living nearby.

catchign wind power turbine

The Catching Wind Power Inc. ® Wind Turbine is very light weight compared to three blade turbines and would cut the cost of installation considerably, as well as manufacturing costs and maintenance.

Simulation of CWP's
Compressed Air Wind Turbine

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I am looking for Veterans in the engineer field. Whether wounded, disabled or other, I am looking for someone to refine my design so it works at optimum efficiency and get it to the people. Currently we produced 15 amps at 30 mph.

Every home in America can run on wind energy. In fact these units can be installed on existing power poles in rural areas, to catch the wind and send its energy back to the plant.

Our units are:

• Inexpensive to manufacture: Estimated cost of prototype was $550

• Come in sizes from personal portables to massive wind farm units, capable of supplying enough energy to run your home or energize an entire city.

• Made of light-weight, yet durable materials.

• It is environmentally safe for wildlife especially migratory birds, birds of prey and bats

Imagine you live in a remote area with no power. Or that you are sitting on the beach and you want to use your laptop but the battery is dead. This is where you would need the Catching Wind Power® Turbine. It can be made small enough to use as a portable recharging station.

Soon, we will be able to take Power anywhere we go.

Other great uses for Catching Wind Power® Turbine:

• Camping in remote areas

• Researchers that live in remote areas

• Remote hospitals in third world countries

• Areas hit by devastation and have no power

• Remote Villages


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2 US Patents: #US7176584B1

China Patent: granted Nov. 2011 - ZL200680043836.3

New Zealand Patent: granted Nov. 2011- 583211
Patents granted 2012, in Australia and 27 Countries in Europe, including Germany and Italy.